Interview to our female employees for International Women’s Day

On the occasion of the celebration of 8M Women’s Day 2021, we have spoken with some of our female employees.

Livia has been the HR Manager of our Boston offices for 2 years. Rocío has been working in Business Support for 6 years and Elena has been an Architect for 5 months, both in Madrid.

Rocío has been the one who has made the most progress within the company in these 5 years, since she started as an administrator and now manages the finances of the Mirai Group.

All three feel represented, supported and at ease, both on a personal and personal level. In Livia’s words: “I feel supported by Mirai. For me, no idea is too small in Miriai. The company values everyone’s ideas, thoughts and suggestions. ”

All three agree that Mirai is a company committed to equality. The Boston office has the upper hand, having almost reached full parity between men and women. In addition, more than 6 nationalities work together. In the Madrid office there is still a long way to go: there are 60% men, 40% women.

Elena thinks: “It is normal since there are still more men than women who study engineering, computer science in my case, so I take this opportunity to encourage women to study engineering if that is what they like.”

We also asked about motherhood as it is a sensitive topic. On the one hand, there is fear that motherhood will slow down the progress in a woman’s career and on the other we do not want to give up being mothers. Both Livia and Rocío are mothers and they have told us about their work experience.

Livia from Boston: “I am a mother of two boys.  The company gives out gifts to our employees who are mother to be and provides full paid maternity leaves to those who are new to parenthood.  I believe Mirai’s maternity benefit is competitive in market among the boutique firms.”

Rocío: Both in my pregnancy and now in raising and caring for my little girl, I have been very supported by my managers, I have to say that I did not expect this support, because I see how the situation is in other companies and countries, I am very lucky of being able to continue growing professionally and have a schedule that allows me to reconcile perfectly.

Other benefits enjoyed at Mirai USA are the “Early Release Fridays” work schedule that the company promotes each summer. In addition, being able to work from home also allows you to better balance work and life. And in Spain there is a benefit to deduct the personal income tax of the nursery.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Livia: Proud to be a woman. We are loved. Women deserve to be seen, heard, and recognized. Every day.

Rocío: It is a day in which the women’s revolution is commemorated, as a thinking, independent, free woman with rights, the great achievements to date are celebrated and equality is requested and demanded in the present and future, it is a constant struggle for changing the paternalistic mentality and breaking the glass ceilings.

Elena: For me, Women’s Day is a reminder that there are still many differences. It seems that we have come a long way but there is still a long way to go to achieve an egalitarian society. For example, I believe that companies are now generally very focused on recruiting the same number of women as men, but in the highest positions there is still a male majority and the salary difference is still considerable according to the studies.

Why is work environment balance important?

Livia: A multiplicity of perspectives can spark creativity and innovation, and help organizations spot and seize new opportunities. Having women on teams can help improve team processes and boost group collaboration.

Rocío: Having an inclusive workforce means higher performance and productivity.

Elena: I think the more diversity of people, the more points of view, variety of ideas, creativity and productivity.

How do you think gender balance in companies can be improved?

Livia: Making sure all employees have equal access to opportunities, minimizing the gender pay gap, understanding and being aware of the concept of unconscious bias when it comes to hiring.


* Having more women in positions of power.

* Penalize sexist comments.

* Impartiality in the selection processes.

* Enhance a balanced staff.

* Invest in gender equality and inclusiveness training.

* Have conciliation policies for all members of the company, not only for mothers and fathers.

* Invest in awareness days.

Elena: equality in high positions in companies and balancing salaries.

To end this interview, our female employees advise women who join our staff “Be yourself. Believe in yourself”. Never stop fighting for the place you deserve, make yourself heard and never remain silent, or make yourself small in the face of sexist comments or inequality situations.

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